Each year Massey University's College of Creative Arts brings an internationally significant photographic historian, theorist or artist to Wellington to deliver the annual Peter Turner Memorial Lecture.

This year British writer and curator Susan Bright delivers the Peter Turner Memorial Lecture. Her practice covers both the making of exhibitions and the writing and editing of books. Throughout these projects a level of intimacy is involved. This manifests itself in both the process of her curatorial work and the photographic projects she is attracted to. In exhibitions, Bright seeks to create a connection with audiences that challenges the relationship with photographs that today takes place primarily on the screen as a part of every day life. Her current interest in autobiography not only deals with intimacy in terms of subject matter but also aims to explore the role and function of photography in relation to life narratives in literature and social networking. Projects explored in this lecture will include Home Truths: Photography and Motherhood, Face of Fashion, Auto Focus and forthcoming exhibitions along with books that highlight the pivotal role of the curator when dealing with highly personal, intimate photography in an ever autobiographical photographic culture.

While Bright was in New Zealand, she was also interviewed by RadioNZ.