SVA invited me to speak at their i3 event and had some very kind
things to say about me:

"One of the most exciting curatorial voices in our industry, Susan
Bright joins us to talk about her most recent projects including her
exploration of photographic representations of motherhood and the
nature of "selfies". You may have some of her books on your bookshelf
already - they include "Art Photography Now", "Auto Focus", "Face of
Fashion" and "How We Are: Photographing Britain", the show she
co-curated with Val Williams, which was the first major photography
exhibition ever held at Tate Britain.

Her talk is part of the i3: Images, Ideas, Inspiration lecture series,
presented by MPS Digital Photography, which features presentations
by digital photographers, hardware and software developers and
industry experts."
I was recently interviewed on Curating Photography. This website is
based on a joint research project between Dr Daniel Palmer at Monash
University and Dr Martyn Jolly at the Australian National University.
The site includes interviews with curators Mia Fineman (Metropolitan
Museum of Art), Quentin Bajac (Museum of Modern Art, New York),
Susan van Wyk (National Gallery of Victoria, Melbourne) and Natasha
Egan (Museum of Contemporary Photography, Chicago).

DP: What are some of the main changes you’ve seen in the field
of photography over this time?

SB: I’ve seen huge shifts and changes. The most obvious one being the
development of the Internet in terms of peoples websites, blogs and
so on. We are a just a much more visual culture then when I started
curating. I lived the analogue to digital switch with photographers.
I have also been doing it long enough to witness trends in the strategies
employed by photographers; modes of presentation and theoretical
arguments. Some topical and relevant and essential: others not so much.

Read more here.
Since the release of Home Truths: Photography and Motherhood,
I have been writing more widely around the theme of motherhood and
representation. In October 2013 The Guardian asked me to comment
on images of breastfeeding and postpartum bodies. Following on
from this I focused on current celebrity culture for the Photoworks
Annual suggesting that motherhood has become a precious commodity
through which media profiles are serviced and maintained.
You can read it here (pdf).

I also wrote about Elinor Carucci's monograph Mother for TIME
and talked about some of the ideas behind the process of
curating Home Truths for Photomonitor and TIME Lightbox.

Home Truths: Photography and Motherhood is published by
Art/ Books, The Photographers' Gallery, The Foundling Museum
and The Museum of Contemporary Photography, Chicago.
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